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Education is not only what a child learns either in the classroom, or in the lab, or on the playfield; it is something more than this. It is a training of mind: to be able to grasp new ideas, to gain knowledge and most significantly to adjust in the society. Education is such a process which doesn’t finish either with school, or college, or with university rather it is a continuous process.

Keeping in mind the present scenario, individual needs knowledge and technical skills to adjust successfully and happily in the society, but this is not possible unless he learns various aspects of life and becomes more knowledgeable.

Apart from more knowledge and better skills, however, the present life demands social adjustment and responsibility, it means that education which includes physical, mental, intellectual, aesthetic and moral education.

Thus education is, at present, more important in terms of successful adjustment for social and economic survival and here schools must teach its pupils how to make better life adjustments.

A section of the society strongly feels that there is very little relationship between successes in the classroom and social adjustment. It is possible that a brilliant child who tops the class may find himself a misfit in terms of adjustment in society.

Our aim in SKB DAV School, Fazilka is that apart from academics, which forms an important part of education, the child is educated in such a manner that tomorrow he/ she does not find it difficult to adjust himself/ herself in the society and contributes in the development of our country.


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