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Educational institutions are plenty, all of which impart a learning, but it is our prayer that our students go out into the world with the strength, not only to reach and excel in their professional aspirations but remain beautiful human beings

At the SKB DAV FAZILKA, we wish to create an institution par excellence where young minds are ignited with a quest for learning, the spirit of inquiry and scientific temperament. Our aim is to nurture our students as catalysts for change who are not only able to sustain themselves in a competitive world but also lead it without compromising on their values and principles.

Our school is a branch of that sprawling D.A.V. tree which is rooted in ancient Indian Tradition but which reaches out to the sky. Being a part of such an illustrious organization we have a tremendous responsibility.

We are conscious of the fact that we have to fulfill the sacred mission of visionaries like Swami Dayanand, who lit the torch of education when our country was reeling in the darkness of illiteracy, superstition and decadence and this gives us the confidence to move ahead despite hurdles and stumbling blocks.

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Email: skbdav_fzk@yahoo.co.in 
Website: www.skbdavfazilka.in

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